Manolis Korres is the foremost scholar on the archaeology of the Acropolis. He was chief architect of the Acropolis Restoration Project, and worked on this project for more than 20 years.


 Fani Mallouchou Tufano was director of the Documentation Office of the Acropolis Restoration Service in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and worked on the restoration Acropolis Restoration Project for more than 30 years.

 Andreas Giacumacatos is an architectural historian specializes on modern Greek architecture.



Elena Korka has been working for the Archaeological service of the Greek Ministry of Culture since 1979. She is presently director of the office for supervision of Antiquaries and Private Archaeological Collections.


 Dora Galani Architect and Planner is head of the organization in charge of planning the area around the Acropolis.


alexandra christopoulou NAM Alexandra Christopoulou She is Deputy Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, since 2005 she heads the Museum, department of Public Relations, Documentation, Publications and Educational Programs.


Yiannis Theocharis Archaeologist and Historian is Curator of the Sculpture Collection at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens.

 Klimis Aslanidis Architect and Art Historian specializes on Byzantine and Ottoman Architecture.

 Eleni I. Kanetaki Architect and Art Historian specializes on Byzantine and Ottoman Architecture.

 Georgios P. Antoniou Architect and Urban Planner specializes on the planning and design of archaeological sites.

 Nikos Vakalis IIRPS Athens Program Director

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