Q – How much does it cost?
The costs are listed on the website under costs. There may be an extra fee if you want to obtain credit through your university.

Please note, our budget is determined on the Euro conversion with the US Dollar and any large fluctuations in either currency could affect our ability to run the program. In which case, the fees may change.

Q – How much experience is necessary to be accepted to the program? Is it appropriate for me to apply to this program?
The program is intended for people studying, or professionally involved in, the fields of: History, Archaeology, Architecture Art History, Architecture, Urban Planning, Anthropology, Conservation and Historic Preservation, but is also open for people with a general interest in preservation.

The application form is to give us an idea of your experience level and your interests. It is very rare that a student applies who is not appropriate to the program. However, we do sometimes have to put students on a waiting list if we get too many applications, which is why it’s important to send the program deposit as soon as possible.

Q – Is there financial aid?
We wish we had scholarships available but unfortunately we don’t. However, we’d like to point out that we are one of the less expensive cultural trip options out there. We do not provide and are not aware of any financial aid, however, check with your university as some students are able to get financial support to attend our program. Also, some participants apply for a loan from a financial institution.

Q – When will I find out if I have been accepted to the program?
As soon as we receive your application form we will let you know if we have any questions or concerns. We will notify you officially the day after the deadline if the program is going ahead.

Q – What about deposit refunds?
Refund Policy: On the day of the published deadline we will establish if we have the enrollment required for the program to go ahead. Should the program be cancelled due to low enrollment, or any other IIRPS decision, applicants will be fully refunded. If an applicant withdraws their application before the deadline, they will be refunded. Those students that withdraw their application after the deadline will not receive a refund of the deposit.

Q – What if I apply but miss paying the program deposit by the deadline?
The program deposit must arrive by the deadline published on the website in order for your application to be valid. We cannot confirm the program unless we have sufficient serious students, which cannot be determined without the payment of the program deposit.

Q – Do I have to arrange for my own travel and accommodation?
Travel to and from Athens as well as your accommodations in Athens are not included in the tuition fee. You will need to make your own travel arrangements to Athens. You can find out more about the accommodations offered by the program on the website at the costs link (scroll down to housing).

Q – Travel Logistics and booking my flight

Do not book your flight until we have confirmed that the program is going ahead (after the published deadline). Once the program has been confirmed, we will send you a travel logistics document that gives directions for traveling to Athens along with other suggestions regarding travel money, luggage, etc.

Q – What is the required insurance?
IIRPS coordinates the required insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This is not required for citizens of the European Union who are covered by national insurance. You can contact for a copy of their flyer, which explains the coverage. On page two you will see a box with the premium rates for two different plans. The basic plan for students 18-25 is $34. For those over 25 there is an increase in rates, which is listed on the flyer.

Q – Do I get credit for participating in the IIRPS-Athens program?
We can provide a certificate of participation. You should inform us by email if you would like to receive this.

Often the home university is willing to treat the student’s participation in our programs as an independent study course, a way to fulfill a fieldwork requirement (in the case of anthropology and archaeology majors), or in some cases an internship.  Students should check with their advisors. Any interest in obtaining credit should be addressed early on in the year as many universities have deadlines for applying for credit.

Q – How can I meet other participants who may want to travel together?
We can help you get in touch with other participatns once the program has been confirmed after the deadline has passed. We also have a Facebook page: Facebook/IIRPS Athens: Heritage and Modernity.

Q – What are the coordinates for International Wire Transfers? 
Please contact Polly Withers at for this information.


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