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By: Nikos Vakalis 10/24/2012

Part of the program “Athens: Heritage and Modernity” is a 12-day visit of the classical sites around the sacral area of the Acropolis. Dr. Manolis Korres, who was the chief architect of the Acropolis Restoration Project for over 20 years, will be our guide again this year.

His passion for archaeology and his long-time study of the “Sacred Rock” of Athens allowed him to learn what I consider the “secret language of stones”, an ancient one, whose origins are lost in the night of time and that men and stones have unknowingly created and spoken to each other. This language starts eons back when nature created the stone and is continued by men who over the millennia have carved, cut, shaped, refinished, placed, replaced, reworked and reused those stones, leaving on them a complex set of signs that few people can thoroughly interpret …. one of these people is Manolis Korres.

The day of the visit last year, Dr. Korres, with his remarkable ability to read the language of stones, recounted the long and tortuous life of the monuments we visited, giving to their story the taste of a fairy taleā€¦ until the moment we realized that what we heard was all based on scientific facts, presented by a person that knows better than anyone else the paths that have led to the birth of our common western cultural heritage.

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