Dr. Manolis Korres: Lecturer

Dr. Korres is the foremost scholar on the archaeology of the Athenian Acropolis. He was chief architect of the Acropolis Restoration Project, and in that position he directed the study of the construction techniques and materials used on its historic buildings. Dr. Korres worked on the Acropolis Restoration Project for more than 20 years and has published over 11 books and 100 articles on the subject. He holds a doctorate in architecture and engineering from the Freie Universität Berlin and is now a professor at the National Technical University of Athens.

Acropolis Restoration Project : Erechtheum, 1975; Parthenon, 1977–1980, 1982–1999. Member of the Supervising Committee, 2002–2011. Restoration of the Dionysos Theatre (on the Acropolis south slope), 1980–1983. Study for the restoration of the Gate Tower and the Donjon of the Pythion Castle (1974, 1976, 1995, 1999–2008).

With Gottfried Gruben and Aenne Ohnesorg, study of the architectural restoration of the Sangri Temple (6th century BCE) on Naxos (executed by Th. Bilis and M. Magnesali, 1994–2000)

Architectural–archaeological research on Amorgos (1974–77); Naxos  (1976–2000); Metropolis, Thessaly (2002–2005);  Molykrion, Aitolia (2006–); Amyclae, Sparta (2006–); Pythion, Thrace (1974–2008); and other places

Member of five committees for the preservation of monuments  (Acropolis, Theater of Dionysos, etc., Epidauros, Lindos, Apollo Epicurios Temple)

Honors: Bronze Medal, Academy of Athens (1989), Silver Medal,  Academie d’ Architecture, Paris (1995), Taxiarches of Phoenix of the Greek State, Premium Alexander Von Humboldt (2003)




Publications in English

The Stones of the Parthenon, D. Turner, transl. (Los Angeles: Getty Trust Publications, 2000)

From Pentelicon to the Parthenon: The Ancient Quarries and the Story of a Half-Worked Column Capital of the First Marble Parthenon (Athens: Melissa, 1995)

Athens: From the Classical Period to the Present Day (5th Century B.C.-A.D. 2000)
Charalampos Bouras, Angelos Delivorrias and Michael B. Sakellariou Edited By ;Manolis Korres
New Castle, DE : Oak Knoll Press, 2003.

Attalos, Athens, and the Akropolis: The Pergamene ‘Little Barbarians’ and
Their Roman and Renaissance Legacy
Stewart, Andrew and Korres, Manolis
Cambridge University Press, 2004.

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