Georgios P. Antoniou: Lecturer

Architect Engineer National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (1983–1988). Master’s in Conservation Studies (Distinction), Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York–UK (1991–1992). Electronics at TEI-Piraeus (1980–1983). Specialization on Passive Cooling, University of Athens-KENE (1996). Ph.D. candidate at the Architectural School of NTUA, Building Technology. National Scholarship Foundation (NSF) full fellowship for undergraduate studies at the NTUA and scholar of National Trust for Greece-UK for the studies in York-UK. NSF three-year fellowship for Ph.D. studies. UIA prize (March 1987) for housing solutions in the third world using second-hand materials.


Has lectured on historic buildings and their construction, restoration projects, photogrammetry, at the NTUA, in the UK, and at numerous international conferences and symposiums. Lecturer at the Department of Architecture at the University of Patras since 2007, at the M.A. course, History of the City and Building, at Ionian University since 2008, and at the postgraduate course of Urban Archaeology and Architecture at the University of Athens, Patras and Aegean since 2009.


Antoniou has operated an architectural office in Athens since 1992. Projects apply to new buildings, open public spaces, restoration, and recording of historic buildings.

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International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies

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