Manolis Korres:


Dr. Manolis Korres is the world’s foremost scholar on the archaeology of the Athenian Acropolis. As part of the Acropolis Restoration Project he directed the study of the constructive techniques and materials used on the historic buildings of the Acropolis.  Dr. Korres has published over 11 books and 100 articles on the subject.

Manolis Korres, Athens 1948.  Dr. Architect-Eng, Dr. Ph. h.c. FU Berlin, Professor NTU Athens

Acropolis Restoration Project : Erechtheum 1975, Parthenon 1977-1980, 1982-1999. Member of the Supervising Committee 2002-2011. Restoration of the Dionysos Theatre (on the Acropolis South Slope) 1980-1983. Study for the Restoration of the Gate Tower and the Donjon of the Pythion Castle (1974, 1976, 1995, 1999-2008). With Gottfried Gruben and Aenne Ohnesorg, Study of the Architectural Restoration of the Sangri Temple (6th Century BC) on Naxos (executed by Th. Bilis and M. Magnesali, 1994-2000)

Architectural-archaeological research on Amorgos (1974-77); Naxos  (1976-2000); Metropolis, Thessaly (2002-2005);  Molykrion , Aitolia (2006-) Amyclae, Sparta (2006-); Pythion, Thrace (1974-2008) and other places

Member of  5 committees for the preservation of Monuments  (Acropolis, Theater of Dionysos etc, Epidauros, Lindos, Apollo Epicurios Temple)

Honors: Bronze Medal, Academy of Athens (1989), Silver Medal,  Academie d’ Architecture, Paris (1995), Taxiarches of Phoenix of the Greek State, Premium Alexander von Humboldt (2003)

Publications of 11 books and 100 articles.


Fani Mallouchou Tufano:

Dr. Mallouchou Tufano studied archaeology at the Faculty of Letters of Athens University. She specialized in the restoration of monuments at the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) in Rome and the Scuola di Perfezionamento per lo Studio ed il Restauro dei Monumenti of the School of Architecture of the University La Sapienza of Rome. She holds a Ph.D. from the Philosophical School of Athens University.

From 1976 to 2009 she has worked on the restoration project of the Athenian Acropolis from 2000 to 2009, as Director of  the Documentation Office of the Acropolis Restoration Service in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Since 2009 she is Associate Professor of the Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete (TUC), teaching Preservation history as well as Archaeological Resources Management (especially the issue of documenting, restoring/interpreting and displaying archaeological monuments and sites). She is also permanent Lecturer in the Interdepartmental Post-Graduate Programs on Monument Protection and Management at the National Technical University of Athens and the Department of Archaeology and Art History at the Philosophical School of Athens University.

Andreas Giacumacatos :

Andreas Giacumacatos was born in Athens, Greece in 1955. He studied music at the Athens Conservatory and the State Academy “Luigi Cherubini” in Florence, Italy. He studied also architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and Venice, with scholarships offered by the A. Onassis Foundation (Athens) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He gained his Ph.D. at Thessaloniki University, Greece.
He taught History of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence between 1981 and 2001. Now he is professor of History and Theory of Architecture at the School of Architecture in Thessaloniki, and on the Faculty of Art History and Theory in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Dora Galani:


Theodora (Dora) Galani, Architect & Urban Planner, was born in Athens (1955).  She is a graduate of the Architectural School of NTU of Athens with postgraduate studies in Urban Planning, Regional Planning and History (Paris VIII & PARIS I-Panthéon-Sorbonne).  Today, she is the President and Managing Director of the Company “Unification of Archaeological Sites and Urban Renewal S.A.” having been (1998-2002) Project Manager of  the Archaeological Walk of Athens (D. Areopagitou-Ap. Pavlou, pedestrian ways under the Acropolis Rock) and Director-Technical Director (since 2002) of the company.  She has been head employee of the “Ministry of Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works”, the “Organization of the Master Plan of Athens”  as well as a freelance architect.

She has lectured at Architectural Schools of Greece, has written many articles for Greek and foreign press, and has been invited to speak to  “qualified” audiences including foreign universities and representatives of local authorities.  Mrs. Galani has participated in congresses in Greece and abroad emphasizing urban renewal projects and enhancement of monuments  and archaeological sites. She also represents the Company in a large range of radio and TV programs.

Dimitris Diamantopoulos:


Dimitris Diamantopoulos was born in 1944. He studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
From 1965 to 1967 he collaborated with A. Tombazi on the project of the complex of «DIFROS» buildings and participated in many Greek and European awarded competitions.
Between 1971 and 1976 he worked on the project of the first buildings of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.
From 1973 to 1992, in collaboration with other architects, he worked within the projects for the refurbishment of historic buildings and the enhancement of open public spaces.
Diamantopoulos was the head of the team that planned the pedestrian areas around the Acropolis (D. Aeropagitou- Ap. Pavlou), from the 1998 to 2001.
In 2004 he was awarded by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture for the Museum of the Olive in Sparta.
He has won awards within many architectural competitions, the most important of them being the first prize for the Cultural Center of Athens in 1976.
He has been member of juries for Architectural and Urban Planning competitions.

Yiannis Theocharis:


Dr. Yiannis Theocharis was born in Thessaloniki, in 1976.

Education: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, A.B. History and Archaeology (1999), A.M. Byzantine Archaeology (2005, interrupted for military service from 1999 to 2001), Ph.D. Byzantine Archaeology (candidate). Employment: Archaeologist in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture (appointed after the exams of 2004); Position: Curator of the Sculpture Collection, Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens.

Museological Experience: Member of the research group of the Museum of Greek Musical Instruments (Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation 2002-2004); member of the group for the exhibition “Transition. From the Ancient World to Byzantium”, to be held at the Onassis Cultural Center (New York) at the end of 2011. Excavation Experience: Rescue Excavations in Chalkidike – N. Potidaia (2005) and Veroia (2003); University Excavations in Dion (Professor Ar. Mentzos, 2001-2005), Philippi (Professor G. Gounaris, 1998-1999), Thessaloniki-Karabournaki (Professor M. Tiberios, 1997-1998).

Fellowship: Università degli Studi di Bologna (Dipartimento di Archeologia). Research scholarship of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (October-December 2007). Project: “La rapresentazione di Ecclesio in San Vitale di Ravenna: la promozione del vescovo sul campo della storia edilizia del monumento”.

Klimis Aslanidis:


Klimis Aslanidis has studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (1992-1998) and Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of York (1999-2000). He holds a doctorate from the University of Patras in the field of Byzantine architecture (2014).
As a freelance architect, mostly in cooperation with Christina Pinatsi, he has worked on several conservation projects, for ancient, medieval and post-medieval listed buildings and monuments, including churches, houses and fortifications, all over Greece.  Since 2003 his has also been responsible for the restoration of the auditorium of the ancient Theatre of Dionysos on the Southern slope of the Acropolis, a project of the Greek Ministry of Culture.
He has published papers, most of which are related to Byzantine and post Byzantine architecture.

Eleni I. Kanetaki:


Dr Architect Engineer N.T.U.A., Spec. in Restoration of Monuments,, Univ. di Roma La Sapienza

Faculty of Architecture, National Technical University, Athens 1994.

Postgraduate studies at the Specialization Course on Restoration of Monuments, Università di Roma La Sapienza, with scholarships by the Italian State and Greek State’s Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) (1995-97).

Doctorate thesis at the Architectural School of N.T.U.Athens (1997-2003), with scholarships by N.T.U.A. and the Greek State’s Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.).

Author of “The Ottoman baths in the Greek Territory“, published by the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.), Athens 2004, a comparative study of 60 monuments dating from the Ottoman period, that can still be traced all over Greece.

Dr. Kanetaki’s teaching experience includes lecturing at the N.T.U.A. Faculty of Architecture (2000-2002), as well as collaborating with the Specialization Course on the Protection of Monuments (Faculty of Architecture, N.T.U.A. Athens, 1997-2000), at the Architectural School, University of Patras (2004-2005), at the Department of Architectural Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi (2009-2011), at the Department of Civil Engineering (1997-2011) and Department of Electrical Engineering (2010-2011), Technological Educational Institution of Piraeus, and at the National Center for Public Management (E.K.D.D.) in the thematic field Cultural Heritage and Cultural Management.

Presently she is working as a freelance architect in Restoration and Rehabilitation projects, while her former professional experience includes the Department of Restoration of Byzantine and Post-byzantine Monuments of the Ministry of Culture (D.A.B.M.M., 2006-2007).

Georgios P. Antoniou:


Architect Engineer N.T.U.A. (1983-1988). MA in Conservation Studies (Distinction), Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York-UK (1991-1992). Electronics at TEI-Piraeus (1980-1983). Specialization on Passive Cooling UoAthens-KENE (1996). PhD candidate at the Architectural School of N.T.U.A. on Building Technology.

National Scholarship Foundation (NSF) full fellowship for undergraduate studies at the NTUA and scholar of National Trust for Greece-UK for the studies in York-UK. NSF 3year fellowship for PhD studies.

U.I.A. prize (3/1987) for Housing solutions at the 3rd world using second hand materials.

Lectures on historic buildings and their construction, on restoration projects and photogrammetry, given at the NTUA, Greece, UK and in numerous international Conferences-Symposiums.

Lecturer at the Dept of Architecture at the University of Patras since 2007, at the MA course History of the City and Building at Ionian University since 2008, and at the postgraduate course of Urban Archaeology and Architecture at the University of Athens, Patras and Aegean since 2009.

Runs an architectural office in Athens, since 1992.

Projects at the office apply to new buildings, open public spaces, restoration and recording of historic buildings.





Nikolas Vakalis:

IIRPS Athens Program Director

Nikolas (Nikos) Vakalis, a native of Athens, is a restorer-conservator. He has had more than 35 years experience in planning and coordination of restoration projects in Italy and locations around the world such as USA, Africa and Asia.

Degree in conservation from the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro in Rome 1979.

He has been working for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other public and private Italian organizations, as well as with international institutions including Unesco, Iccrom, and the World Monuments Fund. His areas of expertise are stone artifacts, easel paintings, wall paintings, and polychrome wooden sculptures.

From 1980 to 1990 he has been running a private practice and, from 1990 to 1998, he established and managed the restoration company, Vakalis & Soci. Since 1998 he has been working mostly in the field of education. The latter activity has taken him to work as an instructor in China, the United States (University of Wisconsin, SARUP, 1999–2008; John Cabot University, 2009), Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Albania, and Iraq.


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