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Hi Nikos & Sotiris:

The past few months I have been doing things with photos from last summer’s IIRPS program and you are frequently in them. So I decided to look at your IIRPS website regarding this years’s program.

I thought I’d give you a follow-up to my evaluation of the program at its end.  Repeatedly since then I have come back to the program, its content, and the many photos I shot with respect to developing additional materials for my CLAS 3320 “World of Greece” course.                                                                                                                                    I am so glad that I participated in the IIRPS program. It gave me a precious and special perspective on the Athens of antiquity as preserved in modern Athens. It also changed a lot of my opinions on things such as the Stoa of Attalos. I treasure the opportunity to interact with people like Manolis Korres and Fani Mallouchou Tufano and through photos I share those interactions with my students in my Virtual Field Tours that involve Athens. I love virtually taking them to see things such as the interior of the Parthenon that they never will be able to experience as tourists. (And I let them know how special the IIRPS access is that I am sharing with them.)

I am very grateful for the experience. And I strongly recommend the program to others interested in preservation and presentation issues of Athens antiquities. Even though it was not a prior interest, I appreciated the interactions with others like Klimis Aslanidis and Yiannis Theocharis who exposed me to more recent periods about which I knew virtually nothing.

Thanks for putting together such a wonderful, exceptional program. I am honored to have participated in it.

My best regards,


Dr. Julian Frederick Suppe

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