Athens: Coexistence of Memory and Modernity

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In this program we explore the city of Athens and the layers of history left by the passage of time, from a prehistoric settlement to the present modern city, while also investigating how Athenians deal with the challenges of preserving their extensive cultural heritage, both ancient and new.

The aim of this program is to discover both old and new Athens through a series of lectures and visits to monuments, museums and significant city neighborhoods led by some of the top conservators, archaeologists, architects and city planners who are and have been involved with the process of creating, studying and preserving the city.

The program is intended for people studying, or professionally involved in, the fields of: History, Archaeology, Architecture Art History, Architecture, Urban Planning, Anthropology, Conservation and Historic Preservation, but is also open for people with a general interest in preservation.

Manolis Korres


Dr. Manolis Korres is the foremost scholar on the archaeology of the Acropolis. He was chief architect of the Acropolis Restoration Project for more than 20 years. In 2013 he was awarded with the International Feltrinelli Prize for his contribution in the field of Archaeology and Restoration.

Fani Mallouchou Tufano


Dr. Fani Mallouchou Tufano was the director of the Documentation Office of the Acropolis Restoration Service in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and worked on the restoration Acropolis Restoration Project for more than 30 years. She is recently president of EUROPA NOSTRA.

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